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Indigenous people’s rights and climate change in the Arctic

Webinar GVA GLA duplex
Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Online-only | Live streaming on this page

This Side Event to the COP26 offers the opportunity for first-hand insights into the perspectives of Indigenous communities affected by climate change. The Webinar will deal with two topics. On the one hand, the audience will learn about the effects of climate change on Indigenous communities in the Arctic. One of the speakers, Rodion Sulyandziga will present the newly-founded “Indigenous Peoples' Platform on Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to Climate Change”. This platform was created to exchange experience in the field of climate monitoring and adaptation to climate change, based on traditional indigenous knowledge and in partnership with the scientific community. The second part of the side-event will discuss the negative effects of the industrialisation of the Arctic region, also in the name of mitigation measures to climate change. We will discuss how Indigenous peoples’ rights can be safeguarded in these projects. 

Speakers : Rodion Sulyandziga (director of the Centre for the Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North (CSIPN) and vice-chair of the UN Expert Mechanism for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP), Tabea Willi (campaign manager for the Arctic campaign at the Society for Threatened Peoples Switzerland), Christoph Wiedmer (co-director of the Society for Threatened Peoples Switzerland)